Lalit Dalmia is an Indian fashion designer. He is known for his bridal and luxury wear. Dalmia has dressed some of the leading Bollywood celebrities such as Esha Gupta, Gauhar Khan and Akshay Kumar.

Girls Story

“The shoot is a prototypical example of the girl's story, expressing romantic desires toward the protagonist, and is depicted as a trait of similarity in line with the contemporary views of homosexuality.”

Banglore Fashion Week 2014

She wears her confidence with a pinch of her own enigma that makes her a strong soul! A woman is an ensemble of emotions and feelings, and so are the Lalit Dalmia’s pre-bridal lehenga and gown collection. She is compelled to flaunt her flared dress which highlights a variety of sheer colours and design. They both compliment each other with their very own magnificence!